Fandango Recording Toronto is a recording, mixing, mastering and music production studio located close to Edward Garden in North York. Fandango Recording's landmark is the creative, comfortable, warm and cozy atmosphere in a world-class blend of exceptional analog and state of the art digital equipment.
Fandango Recording Toronto caters mostly to the independent and unsigned musicians, indie acts, bands and songwriters. We believe independent artists are the major force behind music creation, as they have freedom of expression, and do not shy away from being themselves musically speaking. These artists need professional services like mixing and mastering, help in producing their music and guidance to produce and polish their songs and be able to compete in the music business.
Please do not hesitate to visit the studio website at - where you find detailed info about the studio: equipment, pictures, video, samples, rates. You an also find the free e-book: "The Musician Guide To Music Production" - an easy to read and very useful insight into the music production aspects, and a blog about music marketing.
Please feel free to call and ask any questions you may have- all the contacts are on the website.
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