Looking for a sub or permanent member for your Wedding/Party/Covers/Originals gig? I'm a 30 year old bassist who's available to sub in when needed, or join an act already in progress.

I have extensive experience in studio and on stage, performing to upwards of thousands of people, from cruise ships to bars, playing originals and covers ranging from dance and pop to rock and disco, with everything in between.

Pro gear, pro attitude, and laid back demeanor. When I'm on stage, I'm there to make people dance, and when I'm off stage, I can engage or lay back (depending on the gig, of course)

You can find my demo reel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYUaD1hx7Kc - or on my website, www.THEJoelPearl.com

Interested? Shoot me an email - we can talk rates and dates. I'm available for just about anything.

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