I play bass, keyboard, and synth pedals (sequencers) as well as sing and write my own music.

I'm looking for a guitar player, then find a drummer to finish the album and play live as a power rock trio.

Influences include muse, big wreck, rush, death from above, daft punk, metallica, 21 pilots, tea party, led zepplin, hendrix, van halen etc. but I'm really open to almost all music with exception to country.

There is something good in everything that can be mixed together to create a new sound, and that's what I'm going for.

My songs are not set in stone and I'm open to co-writing and collaboration to make the songs sound better. I'm not a solo artist and love working together with a band as a team.

I have several other tunes which I can share later if interested. Contact me if this sounds good to you. Thanks

Here is a link to some of my material:

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