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Get a fully-finished and polished, fully-recorded song for yourself, all recorded instrument tracks and lyrics to do with whatever you like.
Experienced, successful veteran, autistic genius composing since he was 8 with over 140 of his own songs on ITunes/Spotify who, now that he is withdrawing from the business, is interested in helping new, young artists get a rock-solid start for a fraction of the cost and trouble it would take to do what he can do for so little. You will receive all the finished, recorded tracks both mixed and unmixed, arranged and unarranged in various formats to ensure you can go elsewhere and do whatever you choose to with them.
You may choose to avail yourself of this service for $3500 or choose to also have him help you record vocals for $5000 (all inclusive) which will require long hours as he IS a perfectionist. Or you may take the finished tracks wherever you like to do vocals elsewhere as well as any remixing/re-arranging. You may choose either.
This offer is simple in nature and will include a standard contract for services.
This offer is likely not to last beyond 2017.
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