VegasNorthU is excited to host our Second Annual set of Band Performance workshops this 2017 in Toronto, ON, Canada, focusing on teaching the intermediate/advanced and beginner musicians how to handle and be prepared for real life big band and jazz band situations when they arise, how to play with and in a section, individual responsibilities, reading, ensemble techniques and the overall protocol of playing in a band.

This is a great chance for mature adults to get together and have fun, students getting ready for school and players in ensembles/bands already brush up their skills.

This 2017, we are taking on the following instruments:

Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano & Percussion.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in one or more of our 2017 semesters.

"Many musicians do not get the opportunity to perform in a big band since they feel their talent may not be up to par, their work schedules won't allow the time to dedicate to it or their auditions do not go as well as hoped when they try out; hence why these workshop clinics were designed"

The performance workshops are designed to challenge the musicians while having a ton of fun performing great charts. Ensemble blending, timing, stylistic interpretation, reading and balance techniques is only a few topics covered in these workshops.

VegasNorthU's 2017 Workshops
Semester 1 January -- March (12 Week)

Semester 2 April -- June (12 Week)

Semester 3 (*Summer) July -- August (08 Week)

Semester 4 September -- November (12 Week)

Each Semester will conclude with a performance event for each group.

Breakdown of Fees
$30 per 2 hour workshop x # of sessions in the semester.
These fees will help cover the costs for the rehearsal clinic space and equipment rentals, use of custom designed charts provided by VegasNorthU and the costs of outside clinicians/conductor/s.

***If a member/new member wishes to register in advance for two or more semesters throughout the year, please contact us to qualify for our loyalty discounts. One Semester - $360, Half Year -*$540 (2 Semesters), Full Year - $720 (4 Semesters). Group discounts also available.
*Does not have to be consecutive.

SUNDAYS - Intermediate Big Band (Noon - 2 pm)

Semester 1 January 08 -- March 26 (12 Week)

Semester 2 April 02 -- June 25 (12 Week)

Semester 3 July 09 -- August 27 (8 Week) (*Summer)

Semester 4 September 10 -- November 26 (12 Week)

TUESDAYS - Advanced Big Band (7 pm - 9 pm)

Semester 1 January 10 -- March 28 (12 Week)

Semester 2 April 04 -- June 20 (12 Week)

Semester 3 June 11 -- August 29 (8 Week) (*Summer)

Semester 4 September 05 -- November 21 (12 Week)

THURSDAYS - Beginners Jazz Band (7 pm - 9 pm)

Semester 1 January 12 -- March 30 (12 Week)

Semester 2 April 06 -- June 22 (12 Week)

Semester 3 July 13 -- August 31 (8 Week) (*
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