I play bass and I'm now learning 7 string guitar. I'm looking for a guitarist that's into the same bands/styles I'm into, to work on any original material together. I'm an older player but age isn't an issue for me, I'm more interested in what we can create, whether you play a 6, 7 or 8 string guitar.

I'm heavily into Progressive Rock/Metal, and I like most of the material from these bands: Animals As Leaders, Intronaut, Watchtower, VoiVod, Blotted Science, Porcupine Tree, Rush, Dream Theater, Opeth, Mind Over Four, Yes, Cynic, Spiral Architect, Mastodon, and also Metallica, Black Sabbath and the like.

I've been mostly involved with covers from some of these bands (on bass/keys), but I want to expand my musical abilities to write my own bass and 7 string guitar parts, contribute to ideas, and I can also bring in synthesizers for background layers, triggers, etc.

I prefer someone with extensive theory/chord knowledge and song construction and uses guitar pro 5, and can also write parts in guitar pro 5.
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