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Looking for a vocal to start a minimal wave/post-punk band (somewhere between rock'n'roll and darkwave/post-disco sound - groove oriented, simplistic in terms of structure and lyrics and with enough room for experimentation).

Current setup: bass player on bass and electronic man on electronics ( rhythms, textures and synths in Ableton, sequences, effects and some other noisy hardware stuff).

At this point (and generally) I do electronics (beats, percussions, synths, effects and play with some other noisy stuff) in Ableton and create a background for some intriguing stuff to come on top. And bass player tends to play bass.

So if you happen to like danceable stuff with a sense of weirdness and controlled noise and have both affinity for electronic and rock'n'roll music, you might be interested in this project.

Sound orientation: danceable, minimal, groovy, stripped-down, unsettling and dissonant.

The sound is influenced by different kinds of music: post-punk, punk disco, electronica, funk, rock'n'roll, garage rock, breakbeat, dub, blues and whatever is stripped down, raw, unrefined and mentally intriguing.

Some of the music I worked on previously could be found here:

If you're interested in bands like Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, Au Pairs, Bush Tetras (on the 80's side) and TV Baby, Tristesse Contemporaine, Sleaford Mods or Prinzhorn Dance School (more contemporary), this might be interesting for you. If not, take a listen because it makes sense to get in touch only if you're into that kind of aesthetic.

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