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Princess Cruises is auditioning sight reading guitarists:

We are re-aligning the HBND Guitar position to a new and contemporary position.

While we would prefer candidates to have equally strong jazz and rock/pop chops, our intention going forward is to have strong, visual candidates. We will take strong rock/pop players over strong jazz players.

We will require all candidates to have:

1. A Solid Body Guitar
2. A Nylon String Acoustic Guitar
3. A Full Pedal Board.

Our NEW audition requirements:

• 30 seconds of open/chops soloing in a rock style with heavy effects.
• 30 seconds of nylon string bossa/ballad using finger picking techniques.
• 30 seconds of jazz chord soloing
• 30 seconds of R&B pocket playing aka

A complete Professional and Educational resume’

The new shows we are developing have a contemporary slant to them and we are very interested in hiring and retaining guitarist who are interested in going from musician to entertainer. The emphasis will be on musicianship PLUS stage presence and personality.

Please e-mail:

We will look at all candidates this Sunday at the Humber College Of Music from 10:00am-5:00pm
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