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Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions Podcast.I am your friendly host Fred Wilson .The Ultimate Vibe is a music podcast that features original cutting edge music from an original musician and artist.So far we have in house solo instrumentalist musician Serious Nubian featuring on our episodes.Right now we're in talks with video film producers to have a live version of Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions where we will be featuring live bands in each episode .So there will be Two separate versions of the show ,the Podcast and then the live band version.So the criteria has now changed.

If you're a musician in a band and you want to have your band featured on our live video show ,then please contact us at 2894409693,or at 9053939437,or e-mail or Also check the website at

Also and heres the best part ,its completely free .No fees involved just a chance to have your band play their music and being filmed on live video.You'll also be given a brief interview to tell us what your bands about and what shows or tours you have lined up .All this while being filmed on video .We only want real bands to feature on the live show playing Funk,Jazz,Rock,Reggae,Blues genres.So if you match any of these genres give us a buzz.
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