I have recently come to terms with the fact that this site caters to the 'up-and-coming' crowd, not the 'established professionals that I was hoping it was.

Regardless, I recently moved here from Las Vegas, NV. I am a Professional Keyboard Player, Professionally Trained Sound Engineer, LA Studio Musician, Singer / Songwriter, Synth Sequencer. and I hold a Masters of Music from UWO.

I have performed with most major acts, either in the studios of LA or in Las Vegas when a headliner needed a last minute sub I have played in every one of the myriad arenas and showrooms in and around the Las Vegas Strip, as well as world tours that included: The UK, Italy, the Middle East, Japan, China & Australia.

I am a quick learner and I have a self-contained keyboard rig with wireless mic, guitar and in-ear monitors - I do not use an amp when I perform.

I am very passionate about music and have no patience for egos, narcissists, dictators, wanna-be, fast-talking managers who know nothing about the music industry, and hacks.. BTW, If you have to ask me what MIDI is, you may be the very person I just described and have no tolerance for, Allan.

I'm a perfectionist and expect the same of my band-mates. I promise 100% every night; I expect 100% from everyone. If you have a negative relationship with drugs or alcohol do not call me; I have zero tolerance.

Sorry for the drama folks but some people who have contacted me bc of this listing have made it necessary for me to filter out the garbage from the gold, and until now I was only getting garbage. Please read this ad carefully so you understand exactly the type of person I do not want to hear from; and be honest with yourself before picking up the phone bc unless you have had success in the music industry, are working/touring on a steady basis and need a keyboard player with my qualifications, YOU are the person I'd like to hear from. I have the right gear, right attitude, chops and image plus I am drug and alcohol free.

My rig is self contained; no amps, in ears only and I'm ready to travel.
I have a vast repertoire and can sub in at a moments notice.

I play all styles of music, but get off on classic rock, contemporary, county; pretty much whatever you got.

* I'll say it again so folks will hopefully get the message: Professional musicians only please: no amateurs, bands without gigs, alcoholics, drug addicts, hacks or people who have to ask me what MIDI is, Allan.

Text 519-282-5150

A sample of my playing is on soundcloud.com - please text for an access code if it is set to private.
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