Contact Mitchell Imhoff

Hi there!

I am 20 years old with a little over 3 years under my belt. I'd say above beginner skill level... Self taught, not too framiliar with theory as I have my own approach, but I know a bit from all the practice and am still very able to jam, won't be slowing anyone down!

I am looking primarily for some dudes to jam with, but I'm not opposed to something serious if I'm into it enough. I take music seriously and as my passion, and am a very committed person.

Some bands that have inspired me/that I'm into are kinda all over the place. Velvet underground, led zeppelin, iron maiden, black sabbath, Judas Priest, brand new, Every time I die, La Dispute, just to name a couple.

I also have all necessary equiptment, only issue is my amp is kinda tiny and it isn't a tube so it can't get too too loud. Although I will be looking to fix this shortly.

Here's my cell number if you feel it's easier (pls don't call):
647 444 9861

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