My name is Paul and I am a guitarist/ singer/ producer with over 10 years of guitar playing experience. I’m really eager to collaborate with fellow Toronto musicians through session guitar work or working on production for different artists. I’m very devoted to different aspects of music from guitar, singing and production. I’ve played in bands in Poland, England and now here in Canada for a couple years. My band Earthphonics which I play guitar for, sing for and produce for has played at several different notable Toronto venues including The MOD Club, The Ballroom, the Living Arts Centre and The Revival Bar etc. I also take a lot of pride my appearance and realize the importance of it as a musician. I’m extremely eager to meet and work with fellow Toronto musicians and work on new projects. Here are some links below of my guitar playing as well as some projects and music I have worked on with my band here in Toronto. I’m really eager to work with you so please text me if I’m someone you could see yourself working with!

You can check some of my stuff right here:

Music video of my band Earthphonics that I've done music production for:

Acoustic cover of weeknd's ''nothing without you'':

And also my pretty old but still relevant soundcloud page:

And some of my ambient stuff on youtube:
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