Hello everyone

My name is Felipe and I'm from Chile, I have my own project of ethnic/electronic folk but I'm looking to join or work for an established project who looks for someone with my skills.

I can play a variety of ethnic instruments such as didgeridoo, zampoña (panflute), cuban claves, güiro, trompe and many others that I own. Also I own a few synthesizers plus a good portable keyboard/synth to bring to the gigs.

I also have a good homestudio with a few good mics and I'm an advanced producer/performer with Ableton Live (with Launchpad/Launchcontrol, etc...) and other daws. I'm also great at live amplification and studio recording/mastering and such. Also I can DJ as well, and I'm not talking about having a Macbook with Virtual DJ, I can do that but also I can DJ with real turntables and CDJs. I manage a very wide selection of music styles.

If you need someone like me send me an email describing your project or idea and we can go from there.

Thanks for your time!.
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