I have realized that my 'jazzy-classical art rock' style does not communicate the intricate and nuanced architecture of my songs by solely being accompanied by my voice with keyboard (or cello) to audiences (eg. at open mics). And, since my songs use rubato in a nearly ubiquitous way, and require the harmonic care that only a professional string quartet understands, a traditional drum set should not be utilized as the rhythmic foundation for my songs, but an extremely sensitive, adept and versatile percussionist is preferred now as I present my songs to the world.

I have recorded with an amazing guitarist (for a FACTOR grant), and have 3 Ugandan backup singers ready to perform with my rock opera's band for our first album (as the overture to the rock opera).

I have been advised that, for my unique fusion of musical styles to be understood and appreciated by audiences at this stage of the game, I should have a percussionist performing with me here in Toronto.

Are you him/her/it?

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