Musicpays Entertainment is a FREE Business Hub & Giant Marketing Department for EVERYONE! Musicians, Non-Musicians, Creatives, Business Service Providers, Super Fans, Networkers & Fast Action Takers!

It is A Mutually Supportive Economic Community Platform Opportunity for EVERYONE to Connect, Empower & Enrich each other while improving the Music & Entertainment Industry & Business relationships!

5 Steps how YOU can benefit NOW by using the Musicpays Platform FOR FREE!

1. Join the MUSICPAYS Eldorado Team to list & promote YOU FOR FREE!
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2. Create your user name & get your personal, promotional MUSICPAYS website FOR FREE! YOU can now Promote YOU, YOUR Business on MUSICPAYS FOR FREE!
3. Click "Log In" for MUSICPAYS back offices & use marketing video tutorials FOR FREE!
4. Depending if YOU are an 1. Artist 2. Entertainer 3. Business Vendor 4. Super Fan or 5. Network Marketer, learn how to Get Paid to post, create transactions, market & help people help people with MUSICPAYS!

Submit your promotional information & videos with your Musicpays Dashboard video guide at

Upgrade your position to Agency Ambassador or Senior Agency Ambassador with the VEPA License & Subscription fee to maximize your Income Platform Powers.

5. Start introducing your "Musicpays Business Hub Marketing Platform Community Site" to others using the 5 step template above to help them promote themselves & others FOR FREE!

YOU can Connect, Empower & Enrich yourself & others with us at the Musicpays Meetup EVERY TUESDAY 8:15 pm - 9:15 pm at Starbucks, 861 York Mills Rd. See texting requirement below.

* Those not in the Toronto area who can not make the meetup, can access the video tutorials in their Musicpays back office to facilitate their site. (As we grow, Zoom will be used in the future.)

* To facilitate your FREE marketing system if you are in the Toronto area & to attend this meetup, text me at 416-801-9090 "Your name, attending, the date, FREE Musicpays". (Limit is 10) Looking forward to seeing & talking with EVERYONE soon.

Please purchase coffee, tea or food there to support the venue.

Thank you. Stay Strong Live Long Balanced. Just Feel It!

Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA
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