Contact Nathan

I am a drummer.

I am easy going, fun and capable of smashing out some pretty wicked tracks.

I've always loved tight, hard-hitting drums with big, dirty choruses and outros. I love playing high energy stuff that either makes me want to dance or rock out really hard. I love heavy dance music too. I actually just bought an Ableton Push 2 Standard bundle as well to get into dance music production. Pretty fun so far.

I want to make some wicked music that makes me happy and wanna lose my sh!t rocking out. I want all the life and awesomeness that comes with being in a band.

My last band was pretty heavy and funky and nothing but crazy good times. Alas it’s ended. As a result, I am here. You can find our album here:..if you listen, pump it, crank the bass and play the tracks through entirely. Seriously.

I also made some drum remixes awhile ago you can find at

Music's my life so I need a new band. If you're down, email me some material that you feel represents you and your style, even if in the slightest. Tell me a bit about yourself too! (PLEASE) And please send some tracks. I’m also looking for a band for my bassist and I as a package as well.

Here’s a small playlist of tracks that give an idea of sounds I like and tend to emulate into my style, in no particular order:
Cage the Elephant: Free Love
RHCP: Shallow be thy Game
Primus: Mama didn’t raise no Fool
Muse: Citizen Erased
Audioslave: Show me how to Live
Rage: Sleep now in the Fire
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