Do you enjoy playing Celtic and East Coast music?
Experience in playing live shows?
Have an energetic presence on stage?

Our established Celtic Folk Band hailing from Toronto plays mostly private, corporate and festival type gigs and, in anticipation of our next CD and some soft-seat style and festival stage performances, is looking to expand our fold to include a 6th permanent member, but the skill set we require is rather specific.

The ideal candidate will:

Be able to play small kit drums/ floor toms/ other percussion/
Be able to fill in on some bass (double bass preferred or acoustic bass)
Have a strong vocal (preferably male tenor, but all strong voices may apply female or male)

Bonus points: Be able to play a melodic Celtic instrument (mandolin, banjo, accordion, fiddle, tin whistle, pipes, etc)

The ideal candidate will be able to rotate around the stage with the band to various instruments, while performing mostly original music and some traditional tunes. Certain private shows and smaller venue shows will see us playing more Celtic and East Coast Covers and traditional tunes, but our push is to move ahead as a primarily original music band.

Our secondary reasoning is to have a steady, familiar back-up musician whenever smaller shows come up to act as a fill-in, which is why the instrumental variability is so wide-spread and important. This fill-in role will be a part of a probationary period, including festival style events, weddings (note: we do NOT do wedding covers), etc, that will allow us to interact and get to know each other.

We don’t deter anyone from operating in other bands, we know how tough it is out there, and hope you find other work along the way while we look to establish ourselves further and see how our new album does, however, even at our current level we get primarily busier in the spring/summer/early fall and sometimes will have weekly or multi-day gigs, (mostly playing weekends) so if you are part of other bands playing Friday/Sat you probably won’t be able to juggle in 2019 (Your fill-in demands will be less during 2018 as you rehearse and learn the material).

We are friendly, easy-going, and fair in all our professional dealings. We do not discriminate in any way, and are about playing 100% at every show and treating all people with 100% respect. If that’s not your style, don’t apply. Any show you play on, you are paid an equal share as any other member.

We don’t age discriminate, but while our instrumentation is folk, we have an energy that borders on the cusp of Rock/Punk, so you should be able to be animated/active in your performance. If we had to put a number, between 30-45 is probably ideal based on age of the other musicians, but again, we accept tryouts by anyone who thinks they fit the bill.

Finally, if you are a Celtic musician we encourage you to contact us. Should we not find this magical skill set, we will be looking at other options to fill our needs.

Happy to answer any questions.
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