Our guitarist moved away, so we're looking for someone to fill the void. We have little to no idea what we are genre-wise, but our music on the heavier side of the spectrum. I can arrange for transport within the Durham Region to our jam sessions. Durham region. MY musical Interests Include:
deathcore (Chelsea Grin, Suicide Silence, Bring me the Horizon, Oceano, etc)
Grindcore and Slam Metal (Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship, Wormrot, Magrudergrind, and just about everything released by SLAMWORLDWIDE)
Black Metal (Altar of Plagues, Sale Freux, Oathbreaker Tod Huetet Uebel, DarkThrones etc),
Metalcore (our vocalist is really into it. I prefer Deathcore),
alternative and punk rock (My chemical romance, Anything by frank Iero, Sonic Youth, circa survive, Girl Band, Marilyn Manson, Chelsea wolfe, Interpol, Poison the Well, etc.)
Gothic Rock (Joy Division, Bauhaus, the Cure, Blieb Modern, etc.)
Noise rock/post-hardcore (Employed to Serve, Gila Monster, Duck Duck Goose, Secret Band, La Luna, Tentacles, etc.), and a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t come to mind. I’m a big fan of Deftones and MCR, our bassist is really into Nothing but thieves, our drummer's incredible, and our vocalist can do anything from cleans to guttural screams. The bassist and I develop our playing around our interest (we only know very basic music theory).
Our vocalist aside, we're not very good (our bassist is 6-7 months into his playing, and I'm kind of a crap guitarist). I’d rather you play with us and judge for yourself.
We’re mostly looking to have fun developing as a unit before we go live. We've got about 7 tracks that are close-ish to completing, and a tonne off sound demos and track Ideas. In terms of cover tracks, we’ve done Deftone’s Change and Shove It, Leathermouth’s Bodysnatcher 4 Ever, and Where’s my Mind by the Pixies. We're getiing together much more frequently, and are currently prepping a few tracks for a live setting.
So like yeah…text or email me if you’re interested. Sorry, I know age is a touchy subject but we’re mainly looking for guys around the same age (roughly between 17 and 28. A few year older or younger than that even, we don’t mind)
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