I don't know if who I'm looking for will find this but it's a shot in the dark and hey If I don't put it out there then how will I ever find who I'm looking for ?!

OK.. So I'm a songwriter based in Toronto . I've been writing songs my whole life. I use to sing when I was younger but years of not taking care of my voice has left it strained and hoarse when I sing. My songs are dear to me and I just have this really amazing vision for them. My sister sings but won't sing my songs as she's a soul singer and I'm more pop/r&b . My favourite performer is Britney Spears so my music is similar to that with a mix of destiny's child . A lot of my lyrics are written to beats that I have previously purchased and also just beats I've found that I haven't purchased. If you have friends who produce beats that's awesome too! We can all work together 🙂 I've always wanted to create something big and I think with my lyrics and your voice we can make big things happen!

I"m a lover of social media marketing and I would love to be able to help create a social media presence or help increase your presence by providing you with what I believe to be potentially big hit songs. I'm looking to build a friendship as well as working relationship.

Gone are the days of struggling to make it as a singer. Let's work together and start this project!! Let me know a bit about you and where you're at in your career! I would love to help you and would also love to hear my songs come to life!!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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