Hey everyone! I just wanted to send an invite out to anyone who is interested. Just helping out a friend who's hosting an Open Mic Night at a vape lounge on Wednesday nights. If anyone's interested it's pretty relaxed, open-minded, safe and a very chill space. We have equipment such as guitars, bass, drum kit(no Tom's or cymbals) PA system, amplification for instruments and a microphone. Or we can discuss bringing your own equipment and all that. Acoustic, jam, freestyle, whatever your niche is come and join in. We've just started this is our first night so we're still trying to figure everything out so if you're someone who wants to help out in that regard as well come on by. Thanks and have a great rest of your week and start to your weekend. 🙂 Located at 1530 Queen Street West. 9:00 pm until midnight or even a bit later if it gets going. If you do have your own equipment you should probably show up a little earlier for set up and all that, first come, first serve otherwise share the stage and have fun! The place is a vape lounge so very 420 friendly. Anyways this is an open invite no need to rsvp, just show up. Thanks and hope to see you out there! https://www.facebook.com/lounge420/
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