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My name is Gabriel, I play in a band with a long time friend of mine ryan. We play Rock N Roll. Our influences are varied: The Beatles,Queens of the stone age (Self titled, Rated R, Songs for the deaf), Kyuss, The Smiths, Oasis (Definitely Maybe, What's The Story, Rush, Frank Zappa, Pixies, Ramones (Self Titled), Beach Boys (Pet Sounds, and then I pick and choose from the other earlier albums), Mastodon (Remission, Leviathan, Blood Mountain, Call of the Mastodon). Our songs catalogue is pretty varied as well. At the moment we have about 35 songs, and are about to record our first lp which will be a double album with 10 tracks on both sides (20 tracks). I play rhythm guitar, drums (drums are my best instrument, but I do a good job on the rhythm guitar), vocals, and piano. Ryan is the bass player, he can play piano, does vocals, and can do leads as well.

We are looking for a full time lead player, and if you can sing we can see if you are a fit (a harsh voice optimally to compliment our less harsh voices). We definitely respect technical ability, but we're not looking for someone who (excuse my french) wanks all over the music. A meeting of the technical and the musical is what we're looking for, a balance if you will. Speaking for myself, I am dead serious about this band. I want to make classic albums, I want to play great shows, and I'm willing to work hard for this. If you're still interested after all this talk let me know.

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