Contact Andrew Bruckner

Hey you!

Are you a cool, "seasoned" bassist who is into hard rock/metal (not the speed or dark stuff) and wants to join an original band that just recorded a 3-song demo en route to a full album?

Newton's Cradle needs a new member to "slap da bass" that has a HEAVY bottom end and likes Metallica, Alice in Chains, Journey, Rush, Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, (early) Van Halen, Scorpions, SoundGarden, Big Wreck, AC/DC, Rick Astley (just kidding!), and wants to do something "special"?

We are not 22, but not 60. So somewhere in the middle.

We have a FREE jam space and are based out of Aurora.

If ya wanna audition then email Andrew and we'll set something up. Must have great gear, a sense of humour (like, duh), is good on stage, and wants to kick some ass.
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