STRING EMERGENCE (Artist:Jeff Shewchuk) is a one person, multi-instrumental performance act that makes a colourful, ambient setting with live acoustic/classical music.

The emerging loops of sound create a unique musical setting for occasions such as weddings, fine dining and various social celebrations, whether it is for dancing or relaxing.

Through building musical layers with stringed instruments such as mandolin, acoustic guitar, upright bass, String Emergence delivers a dynamic musical journey with delightful solos and groovy build-ups.

All tracks are "built from scratch" on a multi-track looper and each time a scene is created, enveloping the listener in enjoyment, solidifying a serene and memorable evening.

-Beautiful instruments
-5X7 carpet/stage size for small venues
-Ideal for Wedding Dinners, Corp Events, Birthday Parties
-Sound system included

Link to Audio and Video:
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