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Hello Wonderful Musicians
Hope you're all well. I have a project that I need a keyboard player for and know the ideal person is somewhere out there. For many years I played full-time and did my best to make a living as an independent artist that wrote, played, recorded and released my own music. It was a tough decision having to prioritize making a steady living to support two amazing grown and successful daughters, and having to leave it behind for a family yet even as I parented music continued to be an integral part of my life as did writing.
I continued to write while parenting and studied jazz guitar and the stories behind the amazing musicians I loved while learning as much as I could about this amazing craft and business. Having spent the last few years feeling confident again it's time to get back out and play and I am looking for a versatile keyboard player that is as comfortable playing Take 5 as they are playing Joey by Concrete Blonde with about 8 originals ready to record.
I am in the process of recording again and have one almost completed track. Rather than get into a long set list and how wonderful and accomplished I am if this is something you'd be interested in I would be honoured to have a conversation with you to see if it's a fit. This is suited for someone that wants to be a part of building something new, and has a reliable income stream and is looking for a project to work on and bring to fruition over hard work dedication and time. I'm not throwing together a cover band as much as I love so many covers this is about creating new music while standing on the shoulders of the previous greatest of those creations. Soo a little about me
I am a middle-aged black female lead/rhythm guitar singer-songwriter with ample gear...and play an Ibanez jazz box and a tele. and drive both of those guitars through a series of pedals and a lunchbox amp and I have a centrally located free space to rehearse. You will need to have gear.
Ideally I would like to start gigging by the beginning of september of 2018 your work matters so you will be paid for all live gigs and recordings along with the usual legal stuff to ensure your intellectual property and contribution is recognized on any original materials you have contributed to irrespective of the outcome of the project.
I'm not interested in your fame, I'm sure you've done well, I'm interested in whether we work well together and that you're a kind person that is able to stay grounded in this hurly burly business while building trust and respectful relationships with your bandmates. Your attitude is everything and is so critical in collaborative work in this juggernaut of a business.
I look forward to hearing from you to start the conversation and thanks for stopping by, all the best to all of us take care of yourselves. Thank you
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