My name is Nicole, I’m a singer/songwriter/composer and about to start my Slavic Modern Folk Music Project, it is a very unique project, as it’s going to be Russian Folk Music combined with modern elements with English lyrics (and Russian too)! I am looking for musicians who are interested in/passionate about Slavic Folk Music. The songs are going to be in two languages: English and Russian (some of them in English, some of them in Russian, and some of them – a combination of both languages)! As a band we’ll be composing, writing and playing original songs in English and in Russian (my job)! You don’t have to be Slav to be a part of this project as I’m looking for English speaking musicians (but English speaking Slavs are also good).
I have an album of my own songs in Russian which I wrote a while ago, and now I’m translating it to English to have an English version of the songs, but need help as I’m not a native English speaker.
Now I would like to move this project to another level, and make it more professional. By this I mean I want to start a band to compose, play and sing Slavic Modern Folk Music. I’m in my early 30s and looking for musicians of a similar age (late 20s – early 40s). I need a guitarist, drummer and a backing vocalist (ideally a female piano/keyboard player, but it’s not that crucial). I’m open to any other instruments as well.
As I’m not at a professional level so far, you don’t have to be a professional musician either. The main thing is YOU HAVE TO BE REALLY INTERESTED IN THIS PROJECT, WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS AND BE ABLE TO GROW TOGETHER AS MUSICIANS (and of course you have a good ear). At the end of the day we have to fit each other and feel a mutual connection.
So my plan is to start this project as a gathering of like-minded musicians to play and sing original songs which I wrote, and to write new Slavic Modern Folk songs. And then as time goes by, I would love to try recording what we’ll create by that time. Ideally I would love to make money on this music, but let's see where this takes us.
You can listen to my songs on SoundCloud.com. Just copy-past this link:

I put a description in English of every song, so please read it to have an idea what each song is about. I’m pretty open to everything new within Slavic Folk genre, especially to new beats.
If that sounds interesting for you, hit me up.
Thanks for taking the time to read this ad.
Nicole (aka Nicky)
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