I am looking for some musicians in the Mississauga area (or surrounding areas if you are willing to do the commute), and who are advanced in their playing abilities/skills, but doing nothing with it. I am looking to host the weekly (or so) jams at my home.

I have been playing since the age of five and I am now fifty. I have pro gear. I am a family man with a full time job. I am advanced in my my playing abilities in the sense that; I read and write music, I can improvise and solo with ease, I compose and arrange music be it original or covers, yet I am doing nothing with these skills due to family and work. If you are in the same boat, maybe we are a nice match.

I am looking to have fun, yet serious musical get togethers, where we can express our talents and blow off steam musically, without the expectations of gigging. By no means does this mean just getting together to hack at our instruments or "get drunk with the boys". I am hoping to meet individuals who would like to conduct as though we are getting ready for live performances (even though we are not), just for the sake of maintaining a professional musical attitude and to self-improve musically. But hey, if things go great and we decide on day that we want to gig, then so be it, I would not disagree. But for the most part, I have given up on trying to find people interested in gigging for pay, mainly because there are no paying gigs, so....

As for the genre, I can play any style, but I am mainly looking for people who are into the following;
Jazz blues
Fusion jazz (jazz meets rock or jazz fused with any other genre)

So in short, fun, friendly, professional/serious, advanced, weekly or so jams, at my place. Any and or all instruments other than guitar are welcome.

I hooe to hear from you soon. Thank you for reading,

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