Contact Ricky

Hi, I’m looking for a music partner/s who plays bass, drum or/and piano to make our own music. The music style I like is something like mathematics rock, post rock, alternative. Obviously, it’s not mainstream music.

I had a bass partner in Australia. We made mutual music together. she played bass for my music and I played guitar for her bass and songs made by Pro Logics. At that moment, I enjoyed 2-person band, as the music being played in between was like communication or interactions when listened. Sometimes I could find surprises in the music, even played just at random.

The gigs I have now are an acoustic guitar with Equalizer, Distortion pedals( I want to exchange this Distortion for an Overdive) and Roland RC-30 Loop Station.

The goal for our music now is to record and upload on some music websites, and try open mic.

I have some music works for reference. If you like, pls pm.

I will stay in Toronto from 7/30 up to six months for current planning.
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