Contact Zackery Miller

Hi. I love to sing and have a strong and powerful voice. I was told with my voice I can go farther then some have. I have had lots of practice and training. I can hit almost any pitch and any tone that is needed. I have trained my voice to do some of the impossible. What I am looking for is a band who needs that singer to make them rock the world. To show hey we can make it ourselves. I can play some guitar as well as well as play the drums. Drums is more self taught but guitar I took actual lessons. Guys name was Robert in Kitchener. Looked like Robert Plant the guy I toom lessons. With. He knew he stuff that he taught me like no other who has tried to teach me guitar:) So I would need practice and to rehearse a bit before going live or anything. But I can sing just about anything and can rap and sing sone hip hop. All depends on the beat and tune of the music for my voice to go with it. If you are a young band looking to make it then I may be your lead singer:) lets connect and see what music magic can be created.:)
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