We are in our 30"s and one of us is in their early 40's but he's handsome enough to pass for a man half his age. The three of us are located within 30 minutes of each other between Scarborough and Courtice. We have many originals all at various stages of completion. We are not focusing on covers right now, we would much rather write. We are serious about playing opening gigs for bigger bands that roll through town and believe we have the means to do so. We set reasonable goals. Influences include The Big 4, Mayhem, Alice In Chains, TOOL, Pantera, Sabbath, Death, Feared etc etc so so forth.

You have all your gear in working order and wheels to transport them when needed . You check your ego at your front door before rehearsal/show as we do. You ideally have the means to record, edit music at home. You are not a sissy that frowns on beer and doobs. You want to play shows this year. You want to have fun playing gigs because life is too short. You understand that some arrangements we've already completed are COMPLETE because we've played them to death and they're not changing. You understand that if you keep missing practice without communicating with one of us will result in you being replaced . If you've been nodding your head front to back while reading this and think this is a reasonable ad to respond to.... then you should.


Steve Guitar for DEVIL$CROSS
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