A Guitarist/Vocalist and a Drummer (2 bandmates) are currently looking for a willing and capable lead vocalist to round out the lineup, then we will also be going through the process of seeking out a bass player in the meantime while we are establishing practicing and playing together. Looking for a strong lead vocalist 30+ years old with a good voice that can eventually contribute and practice in Etobicoke at the Rehearsal Factory about once a week and also be able to in the beginning practice one to one with just the guitarist/vocalist at his home (or yours) for additional practice times and to be brought up to speed with the music just that much sooner (likely in that manner for the first month or so to save on time and rehearsal costs). The music we do is original hard rock so the primary task for the new lead vocalist would be to learn and get familiar with the set material with the main guitarist, get comfortable with about 10 or so songs worth of original material then begin looking into practice space jamming with the drummer and/or until a bass player is also brought on board so we can have full band rehearsals. If you're interested, available and fit the criteria just send me an email letting me know and when can share further contact information so we can soon afterwards plan for an in person meetup if all seems good and agreeable and you may share with me links to your music as well. Thanks for your interest and time and I look forward to talking with you soon.

In the meantime you can check out our music at these sites here to determine if this is the right fit for you overall.
Visit https://soundcloud.com/tyehurricane
or https://tylegraceblood.bandcamp.com/
and contact me back if the music is up your alley. Contact person is Tyler. Thanks again. Cheers!
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