Time is short for everyone. You’d be better served writing and practicing than reading this ad, am I right? But if you’re reading this, I bet you already suspect analog mixing is worth considering, so I’ll make this quick.

This is analog mixing in simple terms:
- it takes longer
- its harder to get right
- when you find that sweet spot, an analog mix is a special treat

If your music crosses over into the general Rock genre, I want to work for you, giving your music the beautiful, old school treatment it deserves. I’ll mix your songs using the best analog gear I have and only the necessary tools from the digital world... call/text/email for more information or to talk about my process.

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Two Bodies of Water Productions

It works…
Working out of a busy studio in Edmonton, I have personally produced, recorded, mixed and mastered songs that have charted in the U.S., the UK, Brazil & Australia. Check out releases from Dawn in the City, 5 Miles to Memphis, Maria Phillipos, Shaun Bosch, Steve Newsome, and Something Mechanical.
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