Hey, we’re a newly formed band (formed January 2019) with three members (two guitars and drums), looking for a bassist to complete our lineup. One of our guitarists sings lead vocals. All three of us have experience playing shows and recording with other bands. We’re all in our late 20’s. We have three songs written so far, and are in the process of writing more. We’re hoping to have enough songs written to play a gig in a few months, and record in the summer.

We play a style of rock that’s influenced by punk and folk, but isn’t really either of those genres. Attack in Black is the best representation of the sound we’re going for, but other influences/musical roots include Twin Peaks, old Against Me!, The Sidekicks, Rancid, the first Strokes album, and the first Arctic Monkeys album. We don’t necessarily sound like any of those bands, though.

Strong singing is a definite plus, to help with back up harmonies and gang vocals, and potentially share some lead parts.

Let us know if you’re interested!

Here are some videos of our previous bands:

Lead singer’s old band:

Guitarist’s old band:

Drummer’s other band:

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