Good day Reader, we are two guys on a mission to play significant shows in the not too distant future. We are in our 30's and 40's respectively and are currently recording songs to be released this year. We care more about your attitude than your age. Getting gigs won't be difficult. In a perfect world we are opening for some of the bigger bands that roll through the city as well as playing around the province. What happens beyond that is up to our effort level. If you share some of the similar influences we do and you have follow through skills, no ego, talent and a strong work ethic and want to make something of yourself sooner rather than later and have fun while doing it then send a link to your performance so we can get the ball rolling here. Life is short. Interested musicians should have their own working gear and transportation. Vocally we want what everyone wants....someone who can give us a bit of everything. We would like a vocalist that can carry a melody as well as bark and growl. Our influences include but are not limited to: THE LAST 30 YEARS OF ROCK/HARD ROCK/METAL!!

I can send samples of our demos. You could go to our old band site and listen to Power Overthrown before replying if you wish.


Steve Guitars DEVIL$CROSS

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