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I work at Rue Morgue Magazine - Canada's premiere horror magazine. I am currently working on a brand new podcast called Deadly, which focuses on horror film interpretation from a queer and feminist perspective. We are looking for a musician (preferably someone who can play acoustic guitar) to help us create an opening theme song for Deadly, which will be used for every episode. More specifically, we want someone who would be able to help us create the melody and structure of the song, while I provide the lyrics and the vocals to the track. We do want a full length song, just a 20-30 second jingle which would help in creating the atmosphere and setting the tone for the show. As for the genre/style of the song , we want something stripped down, moody, dark and melancholy- just think emo and brooding, it is a horror show after all! We have an audio room at the mag where we record the show and that's where we would be recording this song. If this seems like something you would be interested in, please contact us ASAP via text her email. We would be able to offer a small monetary donation and plugs in all our episodes to the musician that takes this gig!

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Jamie Berardi, Communications Manager - Rue Morgue Magazine
(647) 303 - 5119
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