I am 20 year old university student living in Toronto eager and ready to break open the city’s vibrant music scene. I’ve attended a few open mic nights on my own, but my guitar skills are mediocre at best, and I would like my performances to focus on my vocals.

I have a classical foundation (~7 years) which allows me to sing many genres (although nothing harsh on the vocal chords), while my strength and preferred genre is jazz. I’ve written some tunes and am looking for the right minds/energies to share them with to take them beyond the singer-songwriter thing.......though they already sound great 😉

I’ve missed that synced-brainwaves feeling you get when grooving with other musicians. If this ad interests you, please contact me and lets make some music! I have an instagram account for my music, @malaikasings, which I haven’t posted on for a while but you may sneak a peak to hear my sound.
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