I'm a guitar player. I want to create a band that can play cover tunes in inventive ways and make music with social impact like Brass Against.

It will be a band with a strong female singer, keyboard/piano player and a monster rhythm section, in which everyone sings. I'd love it to be bigger but gotta start somewhere.
I have songs with impact and meaning in mind and I hope you will also, as well as original ways of arranging them.

I write music and I hope you become co-writers and collaborators.

I don't expect this to happen overnight. It will take a while to bring all the right players and the creative spark together, but I'm patient and I believe it will be awesome and rewarding.

If this makes you think, and grabs your interest and your ideas, let me know and let's get together.

My name is Alan, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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