Original Hard Rock/Grunge/Metal trio consisting of a guitarist/songwriter (myself), a bassist and a drummer (3 members) is looking for a willing, dedicated and capable lead vocalist to complete the lineup for our band. Our situation is that we already have all the music written and ready to go, just need someone to come in and to learn the material/the songs with us so that we can begin transitioning from one to one practices with the songwriter/guitarist (me) eventually to the jam space with the drummer and then over to the live show environment and beyond. We're willing to put in the necessary time if you are. Candidate must simply like and be in agreement with how the music is and be willing to dedicate time weekly (once or even twice a week) to get together to practice and get familiar with the songs. We would like candidates to be 25+ years old that can get to the Etobicoke region to meet up and practice on days when needed to. Must also be able to pitch in a share towards the jam space practices on a regular basis when we are ready for that stage. I have the original music posted in recorded form on and up on some websites so I'll share them with you now and you can determine if we're the kind of group you'd be interested in joining forces with.
Check out https://tylegraceblood.bandcamp.com/ to see all the albums written so far over the past several years and for a more succinct and briefer look at our original music, go to

Basic goals for the band are to form and get unified from within, to consistently practice and get show ready while creating promotional material and videos along the way then to regularly when possible play out live in the city and maintain doing that while hopefully making inroads and progress along the way. We're not really interested in touring at present but would consider playing out of town gigs, but of course one thing at a time and for us I think it's better to keep our goals bite-sized, small and attainable and accepting that they'll happen with a steady effort and in due time. My name is Tyler and I'm the contact person so get back at me if at all interested and if this sounds and seems like a situation you'd like to try getting involved with. Hope to hear back and talk to you later. Thank you for your interest and time. Best regards.