We are 'The Dismounts' a 3-piece band looking to play as many gigs as possible. If you are organising a night and need to fill out the roster or need a band to support your show please get in touch as we want to play!

Our music is a mix of 'southern' & 'garage' rock, we change tempo song-to-song to keep the crowd interested. We include 2-3 covers in our set & can do a 45min slot easy. Normally bring our own guitar & bass amps as well as crashables for your supplied drum kit.

We are not Toronto exclusive we will travel to play on a Friday/Saturday evening. Contact Brendan at 416-986-4090 or brenhazaa99@gmail.com to get in touch. Can supply recorded tracks on request.

*** Watch the video link below of our live performance of 'Kings Road' ***