Musicians Wanted Toronto Blog ImageFor the very first blog post on the all new musicians wanted Toronto website, we thought that it would be a good idea to talk about what we envision this site to be.

Firstly, the site is geared towards Toronto musicians across the GTA. We are from Toronto and we love our city. It is packed full of talented musicians and artists. Which brings us to the second reason why we are here.

The current Toronto musicians classifieds available online today kind of stink. They are full of off-topic ads that have nothing to do with music. We wanted to create a “Toronto Musicians Only” meeting spot for those of us that live in the city.

Giving musicians from Toronto a central meeting spot where they can find and place music classified ads is the main theme for musicians wanted Toronto’s website. That includes people looking to form or join a band, open jams, replace a band member or sell their music equipment.

We hope to become the “go to” website for Toronto musicians that want to meet other musicians in their local area. While at the same time, provide some relevant information on the local music scene and promote related local businesses.

So if you are looking for musicians in Toronto, if you are looking for a guitarist, drummer, bass player, singer, keyboard player or any other type of musicians; Just browse our classifieds ads or place your own musicians wanted/available ad.

This is only the start. We plan on upgrading the site, adding new features and making it a great spot for musicians across the GTA.