I am a transplant from Las Vegas Nevada, I play keys and sing. This is exactly what I'm looking for: A working band with steady gigs that are already booked thru til April, 2020.

I live in London Ontario and can commute for gigs.

I am a Professional Keyboard Player, Professionally Trained Sound Engineer, LA Studio Musician, Singer / Songwriter, music & live production programmer, and I have a degree in music.

I was fortunate to work with many great artists, bands and superstars and have performed on every one of the myriad arenas and showrooms in and around the Las Vegas Strip.
I have been on 2 world tours that included: The UK, Italy, the Middle East, Japan, China & Australia.

I am a quick learner and I have a self-contained keyboard rig with wireless mic, guitar and in-ear monitors - I do not use an amp when I perform.

I am very passionate about music and have no patience for egos, narcissists, dictators, wanna-be, fast-talking managers who know nothing about the music industry, and hacks..If someone has used any of those words and phrases to describe your behavior, do not call me.

I'm a perfectionist and expect the same of my band-mates. I promise 100% every night; I expect 100% from everyone. If you have a negative relationship with drugs or alcohol, again do not call me; I have zero tolerance for unprofessionalism.

I don't like to be all dramatic here; I am simply looking for work with a working band in need of a reliable, bad-ass keyboard player and vocalist.
If that does not 100% describe what you are looking for, do not call me please.

My rig is self contained; no amps, in ears only and I'm ready to travel.
I have a vast repertoire and can sub in at a moments notice.

I play all styles of music, but get off on classic rock, contemporary, county; pretty much whatever you got.

Text 519-282-5150

A sample of my playing is on soundcloud.com - please text for an access code if it is set to private.