Hey there!
A singer/songwriter/guitarist here and a bass player (2 members) are now looking for a new drummer to join forces with us. Looking for someone 25+ years old into grunge/hard rock/metal that can get together at least once a week for band practice/jamming and that wants to play out live regularly and consistently in Toronto and in the GTA in hopes of gaining a local following and getting a live buzz in the city going about the group.
We're an originals band so go to https://www.sonicbids.com/band/majestic-circle/
to get a good sense of what kind of band we are and how we sound; hopefully you dig it and it's up your alley. If all seems good to you and you are interested in contacting me for a tryout in your message please link me to samples of your playing and your work as a drummer and also feel free to fill me in with details about yourself such as previous bands, if you own a drum kit or not, if you drive, where you reside and the like as you see fit to. If you have other questions about us you can ask them and direct them to me and I'll provide explanation and answers for you should you have questions of your own, no problem!
Looking for someone that's dedicated, talented, a team player and that likes to play energetic rock music when drumming-we typically go a jam space like Rehearsal Factory when we practice as a band and we're not in a rush to play live, we like to be prepared and ready as a band before venturing out as a live band. Other than that thank you for your interest and time I hope to hear positively from you soon.