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Engineers on staff in the music studio are award-winning, and have worked on records that are certified multi-platinum with millions of units sold.

Competitive rates and top quality recordings.

$75/hour vocal recording for artists, rappers, interviews, hosts, voiceover work, instrument recording and more in Studio B

(4 hour minimum required to ensure high quality and adequate set-up time, mixing and getting the perfect takes along with any editing needed post-recording (i.e. breath, click and pop removal, timing, de-essing, and more)

$500 per 10 hour day/evening session for full jam band or orchestra recording or individual artist/voice/instrument recording with Studio A

Act now, booking spaces are limited and usually fill up by the first week of the upcoming month.

We have whatever microphones, compressors, pre-amps, equalizers, reverbs, echos, delays, etc. and the talent you'll need to get your voice and music sounding great!

Try our tester special of $150 for a two hour introductory vocal session in our B-Room to get a feel for recording at our studio and the quality you will get.
** Only applies to first visit.

Suitable for pop, hip-hop, rap, rock, punk, electronic, dance music, EDM artists, songwriters, singers, musicians, vocalists and more.

Check availability schedule to see which spots are left and book your studio session now.