To whomever it may concern:

Semi-professional bassist/engineer located in London, looking for Artists and bands to collaborate with.

I'm currently enrolled in MIA at Fanshawe and am a member of the band Phantom High:

I have two years previous gigging experience with an Oshawa band called Hang the Jury,

I can slap 16th Triplets, play jazz fingerstyle (anchored and floating) decently fast, am proficient with picks and strictly use 0.6mm Tortex Triangles.

I'm constantly learning new music theory and techniques.
(I'm also pretty easy to get along with)

I look forward to any future business I may receive.

--- --- ---


-Pro Tools 10
-Scarlet 6i6 Interface
-MDR 7506

-Jackson JS2 Concert Bass
-Modded Squier Jaguar with GZR PJs
-SoundGear SR505 with custom MJS pickups
(On loan from my super cool guitarist)
-Two lovely little trash bags that need some tlc

-Line 6 G10 Wireless Rig
-D'Addario Chromatic Tuner
-Behringer Compressor Limiter (lmao I want a fox refinery)
-Darkglass Alpha Omicron (Looking to get a POG)
-Rumble 500 Combo (Trading for Kustom DE200-210 Tube Combo eventually)