To whomever it may concern:

Semi-professional bassist located in the Whitby-Oshawa area, looking for a band or artist to perform with.

I have two years of gogging experience with a local band called Hang the Jury, which unfortunately will not be continuing due to member issues.

-Jackson JS2 Concert
-D'Addario Chromatic Tuner
-Behringer Compressor Limiter
-Darkglass Alpha Omicron
-(Looking to get POG2/POG)
Kustom DE200-210 Tube Combo (this thing was a lot of effort to track down, try looking it up online)
-Scarlet 6i6 Interface

I can slap 16th Triplet, I pick with a homemade triangle bone pick, and also play superb fingerstyle.

I practice to Tool, Periphery, No Doubt, Muse, Dope, Rage, etc.

I'm constantly learning new theory and techniques. (I'm also pretty easy to get along with)

Thank you for your consideration.