Hey all,

Bass player here that's thinking about joining a second project.
I currently play with a band (Iduna) but am interested in joining a group that plays something aside from rock.

Looking for anything upbeat as part of a pop, hip hop, dance, country, or electro, synth, etc. group. Would be great to find something with a lot of energy and ideally a pretty charismatic front person.

I listen to everything and am pretty easy to get along with. Ideally looking for a group to rehearse either at Lynx or Geary Rehearsal Factory - OR willing to rehearse at those locations.
Got a pro rig, pretty serious about everything, etc. Let me know if you're looking for a bass player and send over some links to anything you have!

You can see me in this video:

And can check out the rest of my recorded stuff with Iduna here.

We also have a show on the Sept. 14th at the Cameron House if you're on the fence about whether I can play or not lol