We are Midlife Chaos, a 10 year old band seeking a keyboard player that wants to have fun gigging public houses, private parties, and corporate gigs.
We choose our music democratically, meaning we all submit selections of what we want to play anonymously and vote on what gets added. Our hope is that a keyboard player will allow us to add so much more to our potential choice of repertoire while enhancing our collective sound. Today we play classic rock and blues, but we want to expand to funk and soul and motown. Whatever gets the crowd dancing and having fun.
We don't take ourselves too seriously and everyone always seems to have a good time.

We practice one/week around the Oakville / Burlington area and always try to keep it equal travel time for everyone.

The band possesses all the stuff for doing gigs: smoke machine, PA system, tents for outdoor stuff, lightshow, amps etc. Plug in and go.

If you want to connect with a good time with some mid-life guys who like to rock, come on out.

photo from recent Halloween gig