Peace Without Victory is seeking all Instruments to form a live band from what existed as a solo studio project.

I recorded almost an entire album on my own, playing all instruments but now it's time to take this to another level with a full band. This is not a vanity project however - by that I mean, I'm open to sharing songwriting, changing parts, etc - a real, actual functioning band. My material would just form the starting blocks. I'm looking for all instruments as I think I'd just want to play rhythm guitar and vocals - and even vocals could be shared.

Influences: Depeche Mode, Beatles, Devin Townsend, ELO, St. Vincent, Mercury Rev, New Wave, Metal, Bowie, Kraftwerk, The Cure, Suede, Electronica, Pet Shop Boys, The Clash.

5 snippets of songs are part of the visual demo you can see/hear here:

Hope to hear from you!