Contact Thomas

I’m a 21 year old musician with vocal & piano skills + song writing abilities. I am looking to form a band OR join a band as lead vocal, OR to work with a producer/DJ to create some wicked music.

I’m into 80’s theatrical rock like Queen & Elton John, but i can pull off prog rock vocals as well if there are talented guitarists, bassists and drummers out there who can swing those complicated songs.

For producers and DJ’s: I have a vision and music written but at this time those details can only be disclosed one-on-one. I realize I have no current performances of my original material, so you would have to trust me & I could play for you upon meeting.

For band formation: I’m really looking for serious people who would like to start performing live & sharing the creation of some some original material.

I am LGBTQ2POC+, a huuuuuge Gaga fan & I am working towards a lucrative and successful music career.

I have massive belief and confidence in myself with music so i am looking for people with similar ambitions.

you can get me on instagram @houseoftomy

My email is

Here are some live performances from a few years ago (i breaked for two years only to figure out that i hated university so now im back lol)

Life on Mars (2016):

Purple Rain (2016):

The Chain (2017):

Don’t Stop Me Now (2017):

I have some original material aswell that was written in collaboration with some students as part of a highschool project.

Freedom (2016):

Leave Her To Heaven (2017):

Thanks to those who read through all of this. Can’t wait to see who I find!