That Celtic Band (TCB) is looking to add to their numbers with a few extra special people! Must be fun-loving, esoteric, sarcastic (possibly), holistically energetic, and musically inclined. Intimate knowledge of the entire Monty Python script catalogue is considered an asset; if not, instruction may be applied at random.

If you're one of the following people then drop us a line: ...

1. WAGGLY MELODIST: An individual, being a talented multi-instrumentalist specializing in melodic instruments (either the kind that you blow into, or the kind that waggling their fingers would produce notes upon) that would fit the genre and who can play lead lines or create harmonies to them, or miraculously, both at the same time.

2. PRECISION BONKER: This would be one who is skilled in hitting a variety of resonant chambers with a number of different objects, causing them to rhythmically create a backing beat in a consistent tempo that drives the energy
of the band.

3. OTHER PLUCKER: Describing one who has the ability to pluck or strum four, six, eight, or twelve various metal, nylon, or binder twine strings applied under tension across a resonant surface constructed primarily of wood, for the purposes of creating triadic tonal arrangements in a pre-determined order.

TCB has been well known for their vocals, therefore, singing in tune would be an definite asset. If not, you will be provided a microphone with a broken cable.

Genre: Celtic/Irish/East-Coast/Acadian
Location: GTA-West; Toronto/Mississauga/Georgetown/Brampton
Rehearsals: Usually Sundays in Mississauga, subject to change... we are flexible.

APPLY WITHIN... Comment on our post, ping our FB page, or email that.celtic.band@gmail.com