Contact Ryan Wheatley

Hi, we're a four piece Indie Rock band from the GTA called Skystepping. We're looking for a bassist to join as our former bassist will switch to guitar and keyboard. Please only reply if you're committed to being in a borderline full time band(hoping to practice 2-3 times a week some point in future). We've played open mics but have yet to play a paid gig, we're planning to do so once venues start to open up again. We have about 25 almost completed songs, which generally require an intermediate level of playing skill. Please note most basslines in our current songs are fairly cemented so you'll need to learn those at some point. Please post a link to audio/video of your playing.

We take influence from various styles including emo, post-punk, math rock, power pop, post-hardcore, jazz rock, funk, visual kei, noise rock, etc. but still retain mainly a pop influenced indie rock sound

Here are a few home recorded demos on our Soundcloud: